Frontierland Shooting Arcade


Frontierland Shooting Arcade

Opening Date:

October 1st 1971

Approximate Length:



Take your position on Boot Hill and test your marksmanship. There are almost 100 targets to shoot at including a jail, hotel, bank and cemetery, plus other pop-up, moving and stationary targets. The targets animate when a hit is recorded.

Who knows, with practice you just might become the greatest wild west sharpshooter on the whole frontier! Ready. Aim. Fire!

There is an additional cost to play at the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade.

Safety First at Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade

Don’t worry. The rifles at Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade do not fire pellets or projectiles of any kind. Instead the rifles use a beam of infrared light. When the infrared light from the rifle hits a sensor in the center of a target, it signals a hit.

Opinion or personal story about this attraction:

This is a fun place to visit, especially if you have little boys. However it does cost to play, there is nothing better than firing a riffle, especially one in the Magic Kingdom!

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