Fish Extenders, Joining the Club and get Disney Cruise Gifts!

If you are headed on a Disney Cruise, you really should learn about Fish Extenders!  Most people have no idea what someone even means by the word “Fish” and “Extenders” when used together.  Well, the short explanation is that a Fish Extender is a hanging pocket organizer people add to their cabin door hook when taking a vacation on the Disney Cruise Line.  The Fish Extender often features names, Disney characters, etc.  The decorations are up to the person who is making one!

Before you go

Once you have made your Fish Extender (instructions found here), you should look into joining a Fish Extender group.  This will allow you to meet others that will be going on your Disney Cruise, as well as find others who are interested in the gift exchange business of being in a Fish Extender group!  To begin, head over to Disney fan sites such as this one to find others interested in joining a group.  Once the group forms, there in no minimum or maximum dollar value assigned to the gifts to be exchanged.  Many times, the gifts are handmade with many hours of work involved!  Be sure to take a listing of all participating group members’ cabin room number before heading for your Cruise!

Once you are onboard

After the cruise has set sail, group participants deliver gifts to the participating staterooms.  This is done by visiting each of the cabins and adding your brought gift to the Fish Extender’s pockets.  All throughout the cruise, group participants will find goodies left in their Fish Extender from other participants.

Gift Ideas

Depending on the number of participants, you will need to come up with ideas that are fun and not too expensive!  Here are a few ideas:

2 Ounce Bubble Bottles : package of 1224 Pirate Stamps ~ Party Favors

Pirate Tattoos Favors 36 per package [Toy]Disney Tangled Giant Party Favor Package (48 pcs)

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