Find N Sync in EPCOT’s Leave a Legacy

N Sync EPCOT Leave a Legacy Photo

N Sync EPCOT Leave a Legacy Photo

As you enter EPCOT, you will walk past many pillars.  If you look carefully, you will notice that the pillars include tiles with tiny photos of guests.  Each of these pillars are marked with locators so individuals can find their own photos previously taken.  During a recent vacation I was searching for my photo and I was told by a cast member about the location of the N Sync group’s Leave a Legacy photo.  The cast member took me over to the photo, seen above.

To locate the photos yourself, head to the block F.  As you approach it, on the right, you will need to find the third tile from the top.  On that tile, check find the photos along the right side. The singers are all there in a row, making it a bit easier to find.

The Leave a Legacy closed the ability for guests to get their own photos added to the pillars in June 2007.  Here are the details of the previous open attraction per Disney:

The Leave a Legacy program, launched during our Millennium Celebration in the fall of 1999, gave Guests the opportunity to leave a little piece of themselves at one of their favorite places. Photo-capture stations took their digital images, which were then etched onto steel tiles and mounted on one of 30 granite megaliths in the Leave a Legacy Plaza. The megaliths range in height from 3 to 19 feet, and the heaviest one weighs more than 50,000 pounds!

Veteran Imagineer John Hench (1908 – 2004), an artist with The Walt Disney Company since 1939, designed the plaza as well as Spaceship Earth. He was also the original art director of Epcot itself and helped design and build Disneyland before that.

Looking for Your Legacy Tile?

Though the Leave a Legacy program was discontinued in June 2007, more than 550,000 tiles were sold and remain on display for Guests to remember their very special day at Epcot. If you’re at the park, you can find your tile via computer lookup at the Leave a Legacy Locator Station inside the Camera Center under Spaceship Earth. If you’re looking for information about your tile and you’re not on site, you can send an email to


If you have a tile featuring your picture, I encourage you to find it!  There have always been talks of these tiles being removed from EPCOT, though there has not been any formal announcements.

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