Favorite Things to Do Along Long Drive to Disney

Cinderella Castle Fourth of July Fireworks

Cinderella Castle Fourth of July Fireworks

What is your favorite thing to do while on a long drive to Disney?  Here are some great suggestions:

    • Talk about all the adventures we are planning to have and where we want to dine.
    • Play Disney CDs and sing songs.
    • Watch Disney movies.
    • Talk about what all you want to do at Disney.
    • Play the license plate game.
    • Do Mad Lib books. Even the driver can suggest a noun or adjective!
    • Get a great book that lists all the roadside attractions, local histories, and places to stay and eat. Here is one for I-75 that is highly popular!
    • Play games like “I Spy.”
    • Tell stories.
    • Disney trivia book or app. Here is a great Disney trivia book!
    • Listen to Audiobooks. Here are a list of all of the most popular ones.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them here in the comments!

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