Famous People Found at the EPCOT Leave a Legacy

N Sync EPCOT Leave a Legacy Photo (See Second Row, 4 photos from Left)

N Sync EPCOT Leave a Legacy Photo

If you are visiting Epcot, it can be fun to look through the photos found in the Epcot Leave a Legacy pillars located right as you enter the park.  Hoping to find photos of famous people, I had assistance from a Cast Member to find the exact location of the N Sync group’s Leave a Legacy photo.  In the photo above, see the second row starting with the 4th photo from the left.  The N Sync group are found in the 4 – 8 tiles as seen in the photo.

To locate the photos yourself, head to the block F.  As you approach it, on the right, you will need to find the third tile from the top.  On that tile, check find the photos along the right side. The singers are all there in a row, making it a bit easier to find.  Best of luck to you!

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