Extra Fun on a Disney Cruise with a Fish Extender

If you are planning a vacation on a Disney Cruise, I am sure you are working on planning and thinking through all of the fun you will have!  One thing that many people find out about after they are on the cruise is “fish extenders”.

But what is a fish extender?  It is a mail box to be used for your cruise cabin.  Friends, family members or perfect strangers can come by and add presents to your fish extender.  It is loads of fun to return to your room and check your fish extender and find that you have received several gifts!

To participate in fish extender fun, you will need to have a fish extender which a “mail box” made of fabric, dowel rods and some string.  If you would like to make one, here is how to make a fish extender.  Be sure to pack the item when you are going on a cruise and participating in fish extender fun.  After you have found your stateroom, you will want to hang it outside your door on the hanger available.

Remember, half of the fun of a fish extender is to participate.  So, before you head out on your Disney Cruise, you will want to join a fish extender.  To do so, you can search online for others going on a cruise who also want to participate.  Once you have joined, you will need to shop or make for items for the extender.  Here is an article that helps you identify items that would be good for fish extender gifts.

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