Everything You Should Know about a Disney Annual Pass

Disney Annual Pass Ticket

Disney Annual Pass Ticket

What do you get when you purchase a Disney Annual Pass?

The Disney World Annual Pass is a great ticket which allows you unlimited access to the four Disney theme parks.  In addition, you will receive many discounts on dining in many of the Disney restaurants and on stays in the Disney resorts.  Disney Annual Passholders register their pass by logging in at Disneyworld.com, then navigate through the Passholder section of the site to find discounts available.   In addition to the discounts available, you also receive extras such as previews of new attractions before the attractions are officially open.

Is everyone required to have a Disney Annual Pass to receive these discounts?

Only one person in the party needs to be a Passholder in order to receive the discounts on food and resorts.  Disney became very smart this year and now does not offer children a reduced rate for their Annual Passes.  Now, everyone, regardless of age, pays the same amount for an Annual Pass.  The cost for the 2012 Annual Pass is $574.00 before tax or $611.31 after tax.

Can you get into the water parks using the Disney Annual Pass?

You cannot get into the water parks with the regular Disney Annual Pass.  With the purchase of the Premium pass, you can gain access to both Disney Water Parks and DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive in addition to the unlimited access to the four Disney theme parks.

How to know if getting a Disney Annual Pass is right for you and your family?

The purchase of a 10 day, non-expire ticket is $604.96 when purchased from UndercoverTourist.com (which is $26.59 cheaper than purchasing it direct from Disney).  This ticket is less than $10 less than the cost of a Disney Annual Pass.  Therefore, if you know you and your family will be spending more than 10 days in the Disney theme parks within a year, you should purchase one.

However, if you plan on only spending 5 days visiting one park per day, you could purchase the ticket for those days from UndercoverTourist.com for $269.35 (which is $16.07 cheaper than purchasing it direct from Disney).  In this instance, the cost of purchasing an Annual Pass over the cost of this 5 Day One Park Per Day Ticket is $341.96.  If your family plans on staying in deluxe accommodations, you may save more than this amount by being able to use a Disney Annual Pass discount.  With this in mind, these are your best steps:1.  Count the number of days you will be visiting the Disney parks in the coming year.

2.  Check UndercoverTourist.com for the exact cost on the ticket you need.

3.  Subtract that cost from the cost of the Disney Annual Pass, which is $611.31 in 2012.

4.  Find out if you can make back the additional cost in discounts on restaurant and resort discounts.

To find out about the use of discounts on resorts, it may be best to work with a travel agent such as Magical Journeys.  Travel agencies will give you the resort rates which include the Annual Pass discounts, while Disney has been known to only allow this pricing once you have proven you own a Disney Annual Pass by verifying the pass with the Cast Member.

Should you renew your Disney Annual Pass?

When renewing a Disney Annual Pass, the Disney company offers a discount of approximately $40.  Therefore, the rate for the renewal of the Disney Annual Pass for 2012 is $563.39 (a total discount with tax of $47.92).  If you think of the Annual Pass as a monthly cost to you, the purchase of an undiscounted Disney Annual Pass is $50.94.  Therefore, if your annual pass is set to expire on January 1, 2013 and you will not be visiting until March 1, 2013, you may want to consider waiting to renew your pass depending on whether you rely on the resort discounts for booking your vacation.  If you do rely on the resort discounts provided to Disney Annual Passholders and have more than one person in your party, consider renewing only one Pass.

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