Epcot Opened New Bijutsu Kan Gallery that Celebrates Japan’s Cute Culture

When you visit EPCOT, be sure to head around the World Showcase to the EPCOT Pavilion to experience the Bijutsu Kan Gallery’s newest display by Sebastian Masuda, Kawaii Japan’s Cute Culture.  This display shows many items very popular in Japan which demonstrates that it is fashionable to collect things that you love.

Kawaii EPCOT Japan


This Gallery shows these popular items as well as demonstrates how the Kawaii culture also flows into home design!

EPCOT Kawaii Bedroom

EPCOT Kawaii Bathroom/Kitchen

For additional information, be sure to read through this display:

EPCOT Kawaii Information

The Gallery is extremely shocking (at least to my family) when we visited.  There are many colors and so many things to see.  When I relayed the display to the thoughts of an entire culture of people and places decorated as you saw there, I was memorized!

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