Epcot Leave a Legacy will be Moving!

In preparation for the upcoming 50th anniversary in Epcot, the park has been making some changes.  One of the main changes taking place right now is updating the entrance to the theme park.  The new look will open up the entrance, adding more greenery and allowing more available space for guests to move around.  Here is a rendering Disney has published of what the front entrance is proposed to look like in the coming months:


The update is going to be beautiful and will offer the park a better opportunity to make changes to the decorations for seasonal changes or presentations during events such as Food and Wine festival.  With this update, you might notice that all of the Leave a Legacy pillars will be removed.  The removal has been going on since May 2019 and continues now in Epcot.  The Leave a Legacy program began in 1999 during the Millennium Celebration.

Information on the Leave a Legacy found at the front of Epcot after entering the park

Each of the photos that were taken were etched onto steel tiles and mounted on one of 30 monoliths in the Leave a Legacy Plaza. Each stone ranges in height from 3 to 19 feet, and the heaviest one weighs more than 50,000 pounds!

My son and I took a Leave a Legacy photo on his first trip to Epcot when he was 3 months old.  Here we are photographed now, 13 years later, with the etched photo inside Epcot:


During my visit over the 4th of July 2019, all of the pillars to the right had been removed.  The pillars on the left remained.  Luckily, that is where my photo with my son stands so we were able to get the above photo.  Here is a photo of the removal of the pillars on that right side:

After the announcement that the Leave a Legacy would be removed from inside the park, Disney made the following announcement:

Exciting changes are coming to the Epcot main entrance! As part of this new experience, Leave A Legacy will move into a beautiful setting just outside the park’s gateway. Additional details will be announced at a later date.” 

I look forward to hearing more about this in the future!

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