EPCOT’s Figment into Imagination with Figment

Figment Puzzle Room

Figment Puzzle Room

Name of attraction:

Journey into Imagination with Figment, EPCOT, WDW

Opening date:

2nd June 2002 (original ride opened 5th March 1983)


A dark ride for all the family and a favourite with youngsters, as you climb aboard your carriage and enter Dr Channing’s Senses Lab. Your journey will not be boring, as Figment pops up all over the place mischievously sabotaging the experiments. Suitable for all heights and ages.
After the ride guests head into an interactive play-area called ImageWorks.

Length of attraction:

6 mins


Opinion or personal story about the attraction:

Figment Winner Skunk Stunt

Figment Winner Skunk Stunt

I have a confession. I have not ridden this particular version. I rode Journey into YOUR Imagination back in 2001 just a couple of months before that closed, and was not that impressed. But having researched into the latest renovation of the attraction, and watched a full video of it on YouTube, I can’t wait to try it and see Figment, who as far as I can recall, was not present at all on the 2001 one.

The ImageWorks interactive play-area also sounds like a lot of fun and somewhere your kids can use their own imagination to Create a Figment and use the Melody Maker among a ton of other cool things. It is definitely on our list for our next trip.

Figment End of Attraction

Figment End of Attraction


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