Epcot After Close Fireworks Experience

Epcot typically closes after the presentation of their fireworks display, Illuminations.  This show usually begins at 9 and ends about 20 minutes later.  When visiting, especially in the hot, crowded summer months, I wish that the park would stay open a bit longer.  During a recent trip to Epcot, my family decided that they would not make a run for the exit quite yet.  Here are some things you can do in Epcot after the park closes:

  • Finish your dinner – Many of the meal reservations can be made up to 8:45 PM.  However, in one dining experience at Spice Road, the servers turned on the lights of the restaurant.  Prior to the park closing, the restaurant was dimly lit, creating an ambiance.  After the park close, the servers worked to clean up the restaurant and bustled about.  While we were not asked to eat quickly, we did feel a bit rushed.
  • Walk around the World Showcase – The Showcase does not close and the Cast Members will allow you to wander around taking photos and checking out the scenery.  The great thing is, there are hardly any other guests in the area so taking photos is easily done!

Epcot China

  • See the boats take in the fireworks barges – The Cast Members who work the fireworks display come out right after Illuminations ends and ready the barges for the next fireworks display.  Staying after, you can see this work begin.
  • Shop in the some of the Stores – Mousegears is open until 10PM.  You can visit the store and see what new souvenirs are available.
  • Watch the fireworks display at Hollywood Studios – The Hollywood Studios theme park is just right down the road and from the World Showcase, you can see the new Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks display.  The best viewing location is over by China where you can stand against the railing and see the show.  You can only see the fireworks, not hear it so you only get half the experience.IMG_20160528_214754254[1]

Those are just a few reasons to hang out in Epcot following the close of the park.  As long as you migrate to the exit within about 30 minutes after Illuminations, the Cast Members will not request that you leave,

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