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Ebates Coupons and Cash BackThe temperatures here have quickly began to drop at night here on the home front.  As soon as they do, my first thoughts are of the upcoming holiday events to come!  I get excited for taking my son trick or treating, for cooking Thanksgiving dinners and for gathering together to celebrate Christmas.   My next thoughts are to the holiday gifts I will need to get for all of my friends and family members.  Then, I begin to feel a bit hot at how far begin I already am!

However, I wanted to share something I did last year to help me not only get great gifts for everyone I love, but also helped me save money along the way.  In year’s past, I have always been one to purchase all of my gifts from the stores during the month of December.  However, last year, I was a bit more diligent at shopping the sales racks in stores and online in order to get a better gift for a reduced price.

Along my shopping journeys online, I discover eBates.com.  This website is a shoppers best friend!  It allows you to receive extra rebates in the form of a check.  Here is how it works:

1.  Head to eBates.com here and sign up for an account.

2.  Find the store you want to make a purchase from through eBates.com.

3.  Follow the link to the store from the eBates.com account.

4.  Make your purchase as usual through the store’s web site.  Be sure to use any store coupons or discounts you may have as those are still good even though you are using eBates!

5.  Once a month receive a check from eBates.com.

It really is that easy and WORKS!  I really was skeptical but found it simple and dependable.  I have made many a purchase throughout the year using eBates.com.  In fact, when in a store, I often decide to instead purchase the item online from a place such as Target.com so I can receive my rebate at eBates.com PLUS, I have a Target Red Card and receive free shipping AND an extra 5% off of the purchase!  Always important to combine savings to get the best price possible.  EBates.com makes it simple!

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