Easiest Way to Save on Online Purchases

Are you looking for an easy way to save on the purchases you make online?  Ebates is a great way to do so.  You get paid a few times a year for the percentage back you receive from the purchases you make at the online stores.  The check is mailed direct to your house.

Here are the steps to get signed up to start saving:

1.  Head to eBates.com here and sign up for an account.

2.  Find the store you want to make a purchase through eBates.com.

3.  Follow the link to the store that you want to make purchases from on the eBates.com account.

4.  Make your purchase as usual through the store’s web site.  Be sure to use any store coupons or discounts you may have as those are still good even though you are using eBates!

5.  Once a month receive a check from eBates.com.

It really is that easy and WORKS!  I really was skeptical but found it simple and dependable.  I have made many a purchase throughout the year using eBates.com.  In fact, when in a store, I often decide to instead purchase the item online from a place such as Target.com so I can receive my rebate at eBates.com.  This is just another great way to help you save for your upcoming Disney vacation!

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