Earning the Ears as a Disney Cast Member

Being a Cast Member for Disney is very exciting!  Once you have become a Cast Member, you must be trained for your new Role.  During the training portion of your time as a Cast Member it is extremely important to learn as much as possible so you can give the best available information to the guests.  Many times guests will ask questions about specific attractions, restaurants and the transportation system.  Getting a better understanding of these answers during this time frame is essential so you can provide the best available services to the guests.

To be trained, you will first be introduced to your trainer.  During the two-week span of time spent with the trainer, the newly hired Cast Members wear a badge displaying that they are “Earning My Ears”.  The badge must be worn the entire time the new Cast Member is in training.  This helps guests know that the Cast Member is new.

During the two weeks training, the new Cast Member learns how to operate rides, work the queues, and memorize the speeches for opening shows.

Next time you see someone wearing their Earning My Ears badge, be sure to make them feel welcome!  It will certainly help the new Cast Member feel that they are doing a good job!


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