Earn Money on Consignment Sales

What better way to save for Disney than to consign your items you have around the house.  The process will help you get the house cleaned out while also helping others get your gently used items for a great price!  Here is how the process works:

  1. Clean out your home and gather the items you feel could successfully sell in a consignment sale.
  2. Locate a consignment sale in your area.  These can be found by googling the words “consignment” and your city name.  If you live in a smaller city, you may instead need to look for available consignment sales in larger nearby cities.
  3. Ready your items for the sale.  Each consignment sale has their own process of how items are priced.  However, in most consignment sales, you are responsible for pricing all of your items, using some sort of marking system so the items (and sales) can also be traced back to you.  Most consignments require that all clothing items be cleaned, pressed and hung up.  The process can take quite a bit of time.

Be sure to track all of your costs for the consignment.  All profit can go towards paying for your vacation to Disney!

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