Duffy the Disney Bear in the Parks and on Television!

If you have not met Duffy the Disney bear, you are missing out on one adorable and cuddly Disney character!  Children and many adults love Duffy for his undeniable cuteness and hidden mickey (on his face and feet!)

The Story

Duffy is Mickey Mouse’s bear given to him by Minnie Mouse when he was out traveling the world. Minnie made Mickey the bear so he would not be lonely during his travels. The story is presented in this really beautifully illustrated book:


Duffy the Disney Bear Book

Duffy the Disney Bear Book

The book is available now for only $13!  The book does cost more.

Duffy in the Disney Parks

If you are headed to the parks, you can find Duffy in EPCOT.  His station is found right as you enter the World Showcase and make your way towards the Mexico Pavilion.   Be sure to check your showtimes guide for exact times you can find Duffy here.

A Visit with Duffy in EPCOT

A Visit with Duffy in EPCOT

Duffy, to Have and to Hold

You too can own a Duffy just like the one that Mickey loves so dearly!  Here is my son carrying his Duffy a few years ago while waiting for our boat in Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean.  He loved carrying it with him during many of our trips to Disney.  Here you can see that this Duffy is dressed up for Halloween!

Carrying Duffy throughout the Parks

Carrying Duffy throughout the Parks

Here is the Duffy my son was carrying:

Halloween Duffy

Duffy the Disney Bear Halloween Plush Toy – 9”

This one costs only $20 here from the Disney Store.  You will notice that the size of this bear is only 9″.  That bear can only wear those clothes, not the ones that can be purchased for dress up.  If you want a Duffy for dress up, this one is perfect:


Duffy at 17" for Dressup

Duffy at 17″ for Dressup

This sized Duffy is $30 and can be purchased from the Disney Store here.  Once you have this Duffy, there are a wide variety of costumes that can be purchased.  Here is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse costume:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Duffy

The costumes cost $22 and can be found here at the Disney store.

Duffy Made Famous on Television

If you think having Duffy in the parks is cool, Disney has also added Duffy to the backgrounds of their show, Grey’s Anatomy.  Here he was spotted by Zach from MagikMouse.com:

Duffy on Greys Anatomy

I surely hope Duffy was not too sick!

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