Duffy the Bear – A Great Travel Companion at any Age!

12" Disney 2011 Duffy Teddy Bear - Limited Edition


Duffy the Bear is Mickey’s adorable bear given to him by Minnie Mouse.  She had given the bear to Mickey during a time in his life when he was traveling quite a bit.  She wanted him to never feel lonely so she made him the bear to keep him company.  Wanting to also help others, Minnie began making Duffy bears for her other friends and family members.

Duffy is an adorable brown bear with hidden Mickeys found in the classic three circles style with one being located on each of his paws, one on his face and one on his behind!  You can purchase the bear online at The Disney Store here or in the parks.  In addition, the Disney company offers a wide variety of outfits for dressing up your bear.

Many love Duffy the Bear because he is so very soft and adorable.  Others enjoy being able to dress him in the various outfits.

There is also a book available giving all of the details of the Duffy the Bear story:


If you plan on heading to the theme parks in Disney World, be sure to look for Duffy the Bear character spot in EPCOT as you walk from Spaceship Earth into the World Showcase and walk towards the Mexico Pavilion.  The experience is loads of fun for children.  You can also find Duffy bears and accessories for sale in the store immediately across from the character spot.

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