Dollywood – A Magical Place?

Headed to Dollywood this morning!  We are all loaded in the car (mom, son and sister) and are on our way to Pigeon Forge, TN.  I know, Dollywood (DW) is not as cool as Disney World (DW) but it is only a 4 hours drive.  Pigeon Forge is a whole lot closer than the 10 hours drive to Disney World.

I think I have mentioned that last year I woke up and decided that I absolutely had to get down to EPCOT for the finale day of the Food and Wine Festival.  I intended on staying for 3 nights, but when faced with the drive home, I wound up staying an extra 3 nights!  Needless to say, I good at getting to the place I want to be, but not with driving back home!

On this trip, I am trying to talk my son into doing the River Rampage.  I guess that this seems easy enough but if he thinks that there are any downhills, he will be out!  However, he did ride the Teamboat Springs at Disney’s Blizzard Beach on our trip last month to Disney World so I reason that River Rampage is not nearly as adventurous!

I also am trying to talk him into doing the Adventure Mountain!  What great fun this attraction offers!  The Adventure Mountain is high above the trees with each adventurer wearing harnesses as they move across varying obstacles from one platform to the other.  What is even better is that the adventures are geared to all adventure classes with obstacles including simple bridges to single ropes.  I hope he will try the simple bridges at a chance to get to do the attraction.  Again, we will see!

Will post later to let you know!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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