Dollywood – A magical place? Followup!

We did not get to Dollywood until 1pm!  I know, rather late!  We went on to a roller coaster and played our own version of baby pass off with my 4-year-old son.  The ride had 2 coaster cars so my sister rode the ride first, then I let a person in front of me to take the next coaster car.  When my sister returned, I took her seat and she took my son:)  Great plan!

 When we got to the Adventure Mountain (see this post for a link to this attraction!), I was a bit nervous as my son approached.  I hoped that he would not look up to see how high the platforms were!  We put on our harnesses and headed up for our first adventure.  I was very surprised to see that he chose a beam for his first obstacle instead of the safe bridge!  And he continued to choose the harder (not hardest though) obstacles!  I was so proud of him for the first 70% of the attraction, then he got scared on the photo above of him crossing from platform to platform alone.  After that one, he was done with the entire attraction and took only the easiest routes.  Oh well, he did much better than I expected!

We all rode the River Rampage with no problems at all!  My son is getting so grown up not being ok with any such “crazy” attractions only a few months ago!  The day was complete with our dinner on the Tennessee River at the Calhoun’s.  It was very relaxing and made our day trip feel like a mini-vacation!  The temperature was 70 degrees with a slight breeze, what a relaxing way to end the evening!

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