Do You Miss the Disney’s Electrical Parade at Disney World?

Disney's Electrical Parade


Many have said that they miss the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom.  This show had made its return for the third run in Disney World from June 6, 2010 – October 9, 2016.  I personally was very excited to get to revisit a parade I had loved when I was a child during the parade’s first run from June 11, 1977 – September 14, 1991.  In fact, I even enjoyed the record (yes, vinyl) that featured the music from the Electrical Parade as well as many other Magic Kingdom attractions when I was a child!

If you also miss the Main Street Electrical Parade, you can still visit it in California at Disneyland!  The show will be running there until July 18, 2017.  Get out there and see it before it is gone again!


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