Do This Before Leaving Your Car and Heading to the Parks for a Better Day

Parking Lot Photo

Parking Lot Photo

When we head to the theme parks and have first arrived, everyone is typically very excited for the start of a new day and what is to come.  However, many times I have arrived inside the theme park and found that I should have done a few things before heading to the park that I did not do!

Here is a list of things you should consider before heading in to the parks:

  • If you are driving to a theme park, consider taking a photo of where you parked your car.  Here is one (right) that I took after parking in Universal Studios.  I love that their parking lots are in garages (less walking), but it often makes it difficult to remember which level or direction the car is parked.  So, at the start of the day, I take a photo of the parking lot locator.  Then, when I return to the lot, I quickly look up the photo on my phone.
  • Grab any jackets or rain coats you may need during the day.  There is always a rain coming when in Orlando so grab a jacket if you have one handy. If you are cold in the theaters, be sure to grab that jacket!
  • Remember the snacks and drinks supplies.  Here at Meet the Magic, readers appreciate saving loads of cash by bringing along snacks and drinks.
  • Make sure the lights (overhead and headlight) are off.
  • Hide any valuables.  While Disney is safe, if there is temptation, there could be incident!
  • Lock the car!
  • Did you get your keys?
  • Snap a photo of your child.  That may sound crazy, but if your child gets lost, it is best to take a photo of the child so you remember what clothes and shoes they were wearing that day.  Authorities will certainly ask this question if your child is lost!

What other suggestions do you have?




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