Do Not Be Fooled by this when Visiting Disney World


Disney World is a large place with many, many attractions, restaurants and characters to see (both Cast Member and non-Cast Members to all of you people watchers out there!)  If you are observant, you will notice that there are many things that can fool someone into having to wait longer or pay more for something.  So you do not get fooled, consider these ways that will assist you in not being fooled while in Disney World:

  • Watch the lines.  Often times the lines split offering to ways to go.  It is very typical that people not even notice that the line has split and they simply continue to follow the person in front of them into the longer line.  One attraction that always seems to have this issue in the past has been Pirates of the Caribbean.  I believe that Disney also noticed this and now uses the second line that was often abandoned to the right as the fastpass line.
  • Follow the leader.  While this seems similar to the point mentioned above, you can also observe the most people just follow the person in front of them while even walking through crowds.  Instead of taking an open path, they take the path with all of the people lined up, meandering.  Be aware of your surrounding and if you can get through the crowd safely and without disturbing other guests, go the other path.  You will likely get to your destination faster, perhaps even making more time for an extra attraction!
  • Do not purchase the hopper until you are certain you will be using it. The cost of a hopper is rather expensive, especially if you do not wind up using it!  With the Disney tickets, you can always upgrade your ticket but you cannot easily downgrade the ticket.  So, purchase a regular one park ticket and if you decide to park hop, upgrade to the hopper!
  • Consider a pool day or rest day to save money. The theme parks can be tiring, especially when you go day after day.  A day to rest and relax in between park days can help you get some time away from the parks and likely save you money!
  • Take advantage of discounts. Be sure to look at your receipts you get when you buy items or food from a restaurant.  Often times there are coupons printed on the receipts.  Assuming you have need for what is being advertised, it can help save you some money!
  • Planning your visit around the Extra Magic Hours schedule.  Many people take advantage of the extra magic hours now.  This can be good but it also can dramatically increase the number of extra people in the park on the extra magic day.  So, if you head to a park and it is packed, you might reconsider going to another one instead that does not have extra magic hours (if you have the park hopper).  I personally ignore the early extra magic hours and only both with the hours if they are in the evening and are for several hours.  This can be a real jewel at the Magic Kingdom where the park drains after Wishes and allows for guests to ride attraction after attraction with a much reduced wait time.

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