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Regisseur Brad Bird and Daom Lindelof have put together a big labyrinth of hints and entanglements for the fans. And with every statement, they raised even more questions. Even at D23 Expo there were only small teasers for the project. But Disney now released a free iPhone app regarding “Tomorrowland” and offers all fans, who couldn’t make it to the expo the opportunity to watch the panels and admire artifacts from the Disney archive.

Bird and Lindelof entered the D23 stage opening a dusty box from 1952. However, the two never did reveal if they’re talking facts or if it’s all just part of the viral marketing campaign. Apparently, the box has been found by construction workers in a Disney archive and contents a lot of material about Walt Disney and his ideas around a theme park called “Tomorrowland”, he wanted to start building in 1952. They also showed a picture of Walt Disney together with Amelia Earhart, eight years after her disappearance.

Tomorrowland App

What we most certainly know by now, is that the movie stars George Cloony as a brilliant inventor and Hugh Laurie will be playing the villain. Furthermore, the cast includes Judy Greer, Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy. But to this day, there are no information about the plot of “Tomorrowland”.

Are you excited about this movie? What are your ideas about the storyline?


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