Disney World Ticket Prices to Increase Coming and Discontinue Non-Expiration Option!

Disney Theme Park Magic Your Way Ticket

Disney Theme Park Magic Your Way Ticket

Disney Ticket prices increase is coming! The plan is for the tickets to increase in price by mid-February.  In addition to the price increase, it has also been announced that this upcoming increase will also bring the discontinuance of the non-expiration option for the park tickets. For those who visit the parks often but do not have need of an annual pass, the non-expiration option for purchasing tickets is often the best possible price. The best rates for the tickets can be found at Best of Orlando.

To get the best price for your Disney tickets take these steps:

Best Of Orlando

  1. Purchase the 10 Day Ticket – Purchasing the longest number of days allows for a reduced cost per day.  Tickets from Best of Orlando are now over $100 less than those published by Disney.
  2. Purchase the non-expire – Unless you plan on a 10 day vacation to Disney, you will need to purchase the non-expire tickets.  The non-expiration ticket is not available online from Disney (in case you are looking at prices online direct at Disney.com).
  3. Purchase the park hopper – This allows you to visit as many theme parks as you want per day.

The cost of the 10 Day, non-expire, park hopping ticket from Best of Orlando is $699.00.  The SAME ticket purchased from Disney is $800.01.  That is a savings of over $100.01.

Be sure to get these tickets soon before they are no longer available!  This will allow you to get into the parks for only $69.99 per day over the course of several vacation!

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