Disney World Magical Express Handicap Access

If you are handicapped or are traveling with someone who is handicapped to Disney World, you may still use the Magical Express from the Orlando International Airport to your Disney World resort.  Disney’s Magical Express motorcoaches accommodate most Guests in standard-size wheelchairs and ECVs. 

When you make your Disney’s Magical Express reservation, be sure to indicate if you will require a wheelchair lift to board the motorcoach.  Have the information available on the size of your wheelchair or ECV when you call so you can provide the details at that time.  The Cast Members at the Magical Express should also be able to use that information you provide on the details to let you know if your wheelchair or ECV meets the guidelines for riding on their buses. 

When you arrive at the Magical Express location at the airport, you will check in with the Cast Members.  They will point you to the appropriate line for Guests that will be riding the bus using a wheelchair or ECV.  Once it is your turn to load on the bus, you will provide your luggage or other items to the motorcoach driver for them to store.  Then you will be loaded on the back of the motorcoach as shown in the photo above.  Once inside the motorcoach, your wheelchair or ECV will be secured by seat belts so you have a secure ride to your resort.  Once you arrive at your resort, the motorcoach driver will assist you in getting out of the bus in the same manner as you loaded and provide you with your stored bags.  The process is fairly quick and very safe. 

What experiences have you had with using the Magical Express with a wheelchair or ECV?  Let us know here.

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