Disney World Holiday Gingerbread House Baking Process


Have you ever been to the Grand Floridian Resort of EPCOT’s America pavilion in the World Showcase during the holiday season and been delighted at the smells and sights offered by the life-size gingerbread houses?  Visitors to see these gingerbread houses are often astounded by their size and aroma!  Have you ever asked yourself how Disney is able to create such masterpieces made of these cookies?

To better understand, consider that the Grand Floridian Resort’s gingerbread house is made with 1,050 lbs. of honey, 800 lbs. of flour, 600 lbs. of chocolate, 600 lbs. of powdered sugar, 180 lbs. of apricot glaze, 140 pints of egg whites and 35 lbs. of spices.  To make the houses, many individual gingerbread cookies are made and cooled many miles away from the Grand Floridian.

The gingerbread cookies are baked in the basement of the American Pavilion.  In this pavilion, guests find the American Adventure.  However, underneath this patriotic show, is a basement used to house lights used for crowd control, Kidcot items and other stored items. Behind this attraction, you can find a bakery used to make all of the gingerbread to create the gingerbread houses.  All through the summer, the gingerbread is left to cool in the basement of the American Pavilion.

Cast members lucky enough to work in the American pavilion talk about the wonderful smells offered by the cooling of these gingerbread cooking!  Be sure to check out the gingerbread houses next holiday season when you are visiting EPCOT or the Grand Floridian and remember the secrets how these houses began their process!

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