Disney Tips: See the Parks through New Eyes

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I’ve been to Walt Disney World a few times, but along with enjoy the rides and attractions, I like to look out for folks who hadn’t been there before (folks from other nations, or folks who hadn’t attended, due to time/money), and relive the magic through their eyes.

The first time I rode on Soarin’, I, like many others, ducked when the golf ball came towards them.  I look and listen for that now whenever first-time visitors ride.  This can also be done for the Haunted Mansion.  When visiting Disney World again, this attraction will be new for me, since I have yet to ride it since they added the new conclusion and the interactive queue.  Another great ride to watch newcomers experience is Mickey’s PhilharMagic as well as Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Seeing the attractions through fresh eyes makes you relive the magic, and rediscover why you loved Walt Disney World in the first place.

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