Disney and Universal Tickets for under $40 Per Day

Disney Theme Park Magic Your Way Ticket

Disney Theme Park Magic Your Way Ticket

If you are planning a vacation to the Disney World or Universal theme parks, you will need to purchase your tickets. If you were not aware, you can purchase tickets before you get to the parks and save quite a bit of money on the tickets!  This will also help you save time while you are on vacation because the decisions on how many day’s tickets you need, the ticket type, etc. has already been made.

How do you get the tickets at a great discount?  Here is how:

  • Begin by reviewing how long of a vacation you want to have in Disney World or Universal’s theme parks.
  • Decide on the number of tickets you need.
  • Review the tickets on sale for Disney World here or Universal Studios here.  This website currently is offering the best online price on tickets.  You can get tickets to Disney World for as little as $34.20 per day!  If heading to Universal, you can get tickets for as little as $34.75 per day!  Great prices that will not be available once you get to the park gates!

If you find a better price than that offered by Best of Orlando, please let us know!

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