Disney Resorts Offer Entertaining Room Extras

Disney Resorts offer many extras.  Most of them are obvious such as the Disney transportation, Extra Magic Hours, and free poolside entertainment.

However, if you pay attention, you will notice the little extras that Disney pays attention to which help you feel that your vacation is that much more magical.

Lighting Can Change Your Outlook:

During a past vacation to Disney, my son and I stayed at the All Star Movies Resort.  After entering the room, I noticed the lighting over the table was rather plain, being only white.  While modern, the light seemed a bit off from the other Disney whimsy found throughout the park.  After being in the room for a while, I sat back to relax and take in the room.  As I glanced around, I noticed the light fixture had changed and then looked like a popcorn box!  For some reason, this was so exciting!  Here is the light:

Disney All Star Movies Popcorn Light

Disney All Star Movies Popcorn Light

Towel Fun:

On most vacation to Disney, you will find your towels arranged this way or that to make the sign of Mickey Mouse. Hand towels are arranged with rubber bands and stickers into animals such a bunnies.  You can find these in your room as you first check in or after you return to your room from a park.  Be sure to also check your window for such towel art!

Arrangement of Your Items:

After returning from a long day at the theme parks, my son returned back to the Resort to find Duffy watching television with one of his Club Penguin Puffles!  He was watching none other than Stacy discuss the attractions you must ride while on your Disney vacation.  Perhaps Duffy was attempting to get a taste of what he was missing during his days in the room…

All Star Sports Duffy Watching TV

All Star Sports Duffy Watching TV

What extras have you found in your Resort?  My family primarily stays in the Value Resorts where these discussed extras have been experienced.


1 comment for “Disney Resorts Offer Entertaining Room Extras

  1. Kris Parke
    July 31, 2013 at 12:18 am

    We’ve stayed at both Port Orleans resorts and they also made cute little towel animals and arranged stuffed animals in cute ways on the bed 🙂
    I believe the light fixture in your post is unique to ASMo ^_^

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