Disney Resort Gift Shop Food Options

When staying at Disney, a great way to save money is by eating breakfast in the room before traveling to the parks.  This option allows you to be able to enjoy your food away from the hustle and bustle of other guests who are feverishly trying to get their food and get it eaten so they can get to the parks.  This option also ultimately helps you save money on your dining bill.  So, when planning your morning, begin by knowing that all of the All Star Resorts are now equipped with refrigerators.  You will also find plenty of room to store your food along the television cabinet in your room.

Remember too, that there are many other foods you can grab and take to your room from the restaurants in the All Stars Resorts.  These foods include apples, bananas, bread, yogurt, danishes, etc.  A combination of these foods makes for a healthy, high energy breakfast which can be eaten quickly in your room.  Of course, if these items available are not the ones you would choose for a breakfast, be sure to pack a few items in your luggage for your breakfast.

What is your favorite food you eat in your room when staying at Disney?



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