Disney Removed All Refrigerators from their Resorts!

This week, Disney made the announcement that they were removing the refrigerators from all of their Resorts except for from Art of Animation, Disney Vacation Club rooms and the Cabins in Disney Fort Wilderness Campground.

The company has received a large number of complaints about the refrigerators in the guest rooms in Disneyland, Disney World and in Aulani Resorts.  As a result, the company has removed or temporarily disconnected all refrigerators until they could resolve the issue.

Guest are being notified of this removal by way of letters in their room.  It is expected that the refrigerators will be removed for several months. Note, each Resort will have a small number of refrigerators available for special request only.

During my visits to Disney World, I personally have had issues twice with my refrigerator.  After calling the front desk on my second experience with this issue, I was informed that the one found in the room was not an actual refrigerator but instead a sort of ice chest.  The replacement was instead an actual refrigerator with thermostat controls not found in the “ice chest”.  On my most recent visit, our “ice chest” was not particularly cold.  To help out, we added a bucket of ice.  With this in place, the items stayed cold.

Did you ever experience any issues with your in-room refrigerators?  What do you think about the removal and the fact that families will only be contacted once checked in at the resort?

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