Disney Fastpass Ticket Nightmares

The Disney fastpass ticket system gives guest the opportunity to ride an attraction with minimal line.  To get a fastpass, first the guest must look at a park map to be sure that the attraction is fastpass eligible.  Only attractions that accumulate longer queues have been designated by Disney as a fastpass attraction.  The typical fastpass machine looks like the one here to the right.

To use the fastpass system, guest take their park ticket and insert their card into the slot on the top of the machine.  The machine processes the ticket, then spits the park ticket back out of that slot and also give a fastpass ticket from the slot at the bottom.  Each fastpass designates a from/to time that guests MUST return to the attraction during or miss their ability to use the fastpass.

People often times have issues with the fastpass system.  Those nightmares include:

  • Getting to the fastpass machine AFTER all fastpasses have been distributed.  This is a common issue for Soarin’ or Toy Story Midway Mania.
  • Your park ticket does not want to work.  Find a Cast Member who can assist in getting you your ticket.
  • You are behind people who do not know what they are doing!  This can be so frustrating!  I typically try to help them along, thus also helping me along!
  • But, the worst of the worst is getting behind one of these guest:

This is the very dreaded Tour Guide getting literally hundreds of fastpasses for all of the guests in her party.  If you EVER see someone in YOUR fastpass line with a flag or holding a large stack of tickets in their hand or making use of the top of the fastpass machine to organize all of the fastpasses they are receiving, you should CHANGE fastpass lines!

Remember, once you have your fastpass, be sure to keep track of the return time.  It is upsetting to have a fastpass you really hope to use that has expired!

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