Disney College Program Housing and Price Management Standards

The Disney College Program is an excellent program offered to college students all over the country several times per year.  The program runs for either 5 or 7 months, and can be extended by the students thus allowing even a longer time as a Cast Member.  To join in on the Program, be sure to head over to Disney’s College Program page where you can find out about the various roles offered to participants, as well as get information on when and how to apply.

During a recent vacation to Disney, I was given the opportunity to see one of the Cast Member’s apartments that was currently enrolled in the Disney College Program at Patterson Court.  In this particular apartment, there were 6 girls sharing 3 bedrooms.  Each of the rooms had their own bathroom to share among the two girls per room.  The kitchen and common areas are shared among all 6 girls.

Each of the apartments are monitored by Price Management, the owners of the apartments who were hired by Disney.  Price Management is responsible for visiting each of the apartments every month to inspect that the apartments are cleaned properly and that no inappropriate items are in the apartments.  Price Management grades each of the Cast Members based on this review of the apartment.  Should the apartments not be held up to Price Management standards, Cast Members receive a bad rating which is reported to their Cast Member Manager.  In some instances bad rating include photos to be turned into the Cast Member Managers as well.  There are some instances where the standards have led to dismissals of the Disney College Program participants.  Disney is serious about cleanliness in and out of the parks!

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