Disney College Program Cast Member Interviewing Tips

When interviewing to be a Cast Member for the Disney College Program, there are many ways you can prepare so you give the best interview possible.  The first interview you will experience is a Web-based interview.  Based on an applicant’s Web-based interview results, applications may be invited for a telephone interview.

Tips for your telephone interview:

  • Relax and Smile – It shows in your words and will make your attitude more positive and thorough.  Also be sure to take your time in answering the questions.
  • Reduce noises and eliminate other distractions – Turn off your cellphone, move away from noisy family or friends, televisions, etc.  Best to be in a room alone so you can focus on the questions and answers you give.
  • Listen well – Be sure that the question asked is answered to the best of your ability.  If the question includes multiple responses, be sure to answer all of the questions.  Relax and answer all of the questions responsibly.
  • Remember who you are speaking with – You are speaking with a Disney Cast Member most interested in finding Cast Members who will create the magic for the Disney guests.  Be sure your answers reflect answers that will make this Cast Member want you working for their company, providing this magic!
  • Prepare – Prepare for your interview by becoming familiar with the Roles offered to the participants.  Interviews typically include a discussion of which roles are wanted by the participant.  If you want a specific role, be sure to discuss this during the interview.  Also be prepared to tell about yourself and your background.
  • Have your list- Before interviewing be sure to make a list of any questions you have about being a participant.
  • Have pen and paper – This will help you for taking notes of additional questions you may have for the interviewer or allow for you to note anything you need to know for the future.

The entire telephone interview will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes.  Have fun interviewing and be sure to share your experiences here!


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