Disney College Program Application Requirements

Many excited people each year become a Disney College Program Cast Member, but how did they get this exciting job?  To begin, submit an application for the Disney College Program.  Applicants must also following these additional requirements:

1. Students must be currently enrolled and taking classes at an accredited program or institution and have completed at least one semester OR have graduated within the past six months.

  • Students who have not yet graduated from high school but have dual enrollment with a college are not eligible to apply.
  • Those who have taken college courses, but are currently taking “time off” from school are not eligible to apply.
  • College freshmen may apply during their first semester of school to participate during their second semester. The Disney College Program cannot serve as your first semester of school.
  • Graduate students may apply. However, it is important to note that this program and its educational components, are designed for undergraduates.

2. Meet Any School Requirements for Participation
Students also must meet any additional criteria their school requires for participation in our program. This may include G.P.A., grade level, and number of credit hours earned. Schools will be contacted to verify eligibility on disneyeducationconnection.com.

3. Be at Least 18 Years of Age by the Time the Program Begins
All participants must be at least 18 years of age by their arrival date.

4. Possess Unrestricted Work Authorization
Participation in this program also requires unrestricted work authorization.

To begin the process, you should click here and fill out an application for the open positions.  Best of luck to you!



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