Discover Card to Make 5% Back on Purchases

Image via CrunchBase


Credit cards are wonderful for helping you receive more for your money.  I know many do not appreciate the use of credit cards, but I am always a proponent of using credit cards if you are someone who can easily keep yourself from overspending and are able to pay off the card’s balance monthly.


For the many that are able to do this, you should really look into getting the Discover Card (DC).  I have had my DC for at least 10 years.  I will admit that over the past few years, as I became more of a Disney goer, I began using my Disney Visa instead of my DC.


If you are not familiar with DC, this card offers you 5% back on certain purchases in various categories.  You have to sign up every few months in order to receive the 5%.  However, the Disney Visa only offers 1%.  So, when I remember, I use the DC on the category purchases that will receive the 5% that month.


Right now, DC is hosting a referral program where by if you sign up you will receive $50!  Sign up here to receive your $50 now.  Use that money you receive to help your savings account for your next vacation to Disney!


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