Dinosaur – Animal Kingdom

Name of attraction:

Dinosaur (originally named Countdown to Extinction)

Opening date:

April 22, 1998


This attraction begins with a walk through of  The Dino Institute museum where guests can take in several dinosaur themed exhibits including actual dinosaur remains and narrations of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Once through this museum, guests arrive in a room for a viewing of the pre-show.  This show features Dr. Seeker (Wallace Langham of CSI) and Phylicia Rashād as Dr. Marsh who announces that the guests will board a ride vehicle, or Time Rover, to visit the early Cretaceous period when dinosaurs were peaceful and allow guests a view of life when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  However, Dr. Seeker has different plans of bringing a Aladar back from the late of the Cretaeous period.  Dr. Seeker decides the guests will be sent on an “unauthorized field trip” to retrieve the Aladar dinosaur and be able to miss the meteor breaks the late Cretaeous period is famous for by leaving the area before the event begins.  Following the instructions, guests move on to board their Time Rover.

Once guests have finished their safety check, they travel back in time to the late Cretaeous period.  Guests are able to see a variety of dinosaurs enjoying their day eating with narration from Dr. Seeker about the particulars of each of the dinosaur species.  Soon, guests see that the mission has stayed too late and enter the warned about meteor break.  As the mission progresses, it becomes evident that everyone is in danger as the species of dinosaurs becomes more dangerous and more agitated with the presence of the Time Rover’s guests.  Dr. Seeker attempts to abort the missions but with no success.

Soon, the Aladar does appear, but Dr. Seeker is now concentrated on getting the Time Rover back before the window of opportunity passes for its return. With a move in and around the meteors, the guests dive below a Carnotaurus which is lunging towards (freaked out) guests and with a flash of light (the ride photo), guests move towards the time tunnel and back to safety.

Length of attraction:

3.5 mins

Opinion or personal story about the attraction:

I first rode this back in 2001. Although I enjoyed the ride itself (and just between you and me, found it a teeny bit scary), it is the ride photo which makes this such a memorable attraction.  I was on the front row of the Time Rover, with my now husband, mother and father in law.  The ride photograph is taken almost at the end of the ride, when the big fellow arrives on the scene.

Everyone in the photo is reacting as they should.  My husband and father in law were looking right at the camera.  A woman was cowering and a little boy had his eyes shut tight, holding onto the lap bar for dear life.  But my mother in law and I?  We are just staring ahead as if we had not even seen the humongous monster next to us, completely oblivious.

Needless to say, this causes much merriment everytime it is looked at, which is one of the reasons it is hanging on the way in our lounge.
It never fails to make me smile . . .

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