Differences in Tinkerbell’s Entrance during the Disney World and Disneyland’s Nighttime Fireworks Show

Disney World and Disneyland are quite different in the attractions experiences, restaurants available and the entertainment offerings.  In the past, we have covered the 5 Things Disneyland Offers not Offered in Disney World.  With so many differences found in the details offered by both of these world-famous theme parks, I was extremely curious as to the differences found during the Nighttime Fireworks Shows offered.

Disneyland Park

California’s Disneyland Park offers Fantasmic! in front and around the Rivers of America waters found in Frontierland.  There are many view points of this show, though no seating exists such as that offered by the Fantasmic! show found in Florida’s Hollywood Studios.  Following the presentation of the Fantasmic! show in California, a Nighttime Fireworks Show is offered with viewing best seen from in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  If you want to see both shows, it is important that you quickly travel from Frontierland to Main Street.   It is noted that you can view the Fireworks Show from Frontierland but with a less spectacular view!

Magic Kingdom Park

Available before the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, guests are entertained with a showing of The Magic, Memories and You Show.  Here you can see a variety of photos taken throughout the day from the Photopass Cast Members.  The show lasts approximately 20 minutes and works as a pre-show to the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular Show.  The best viewing point for both of these Nighttime Shows is in front of Cinderella’s Castle along Main Street.

Differences in Tinkerbell’s Entrance

On most nights, Tinkerbell will “fly” to open the Fireworks display.  When watching the Magic Kingdom Park, you can see Tinkerbell come out of the top right tower when standing facing the Castle from Main Street.  Below you can see the zip line coming from the window in which Tinkerbell flies.  The photo was taken from the side of the Castle so look to the left tower for the zip line only in this photo.  Be sure to look for this if taking a photo of Tinkerbell flying is important to you!  It is quite easy to see how Tinkerbell flies from the Magic Kingdom’s Castle overhead and back behind a few of the shops located along Main Street.  Curious on-watchers can continue to watch her as she lands atop a Main Street building.

While I have always found the Tinkerbell flight at Magic Kingdom to be exciting, I was completely not prepared for the flight by Tinkerbell at the Disneyland Park!  The Tinkerbell flight at Disneyland is much different!  She flies and flies, heading this way and that way AROUND the Sleeping Beauty Castle!  It was amazing.  I felt as thought I had seen a magic trick I could not reason.

Here is a video of Tinkerbell’s Flight in Disneyland Park.  See what you think!

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  1. Jennifer
    July 5, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Wow, that is cool! I can’t wait for our trip!

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