Did you miss the details around The Muppets in Hollywood Studios

When visiting Hollywood Studios, it is worth a walk around The Muppets area just to take in some of the extras hidden along the way.  Just a recent visit to the park, I was looking around while standing in line to go in to the attraction when I noticed the plants atop the brick wall that seperates The Muppets area from the Streets of America area when I spotted this bowl of ice cream with a spoon!  I had never seen it and thought it was just so funny hidden there.


After getting in the beginning of the inside line for The Muppets, look to the right to see the booth there for the Muppets security.  Inside you will see many details such as a packed lunch.  If you pay attention closely, you can see a sign that states, “Back in 5 minutes, key is under mat”.

Go ahead and check under the mat for the key and you will find it there!  It is screwed down to the floor so it will be there for many years to come!


As you walk outside of the attraction, be sure to take in all of the other extras such as this decoration that looks just like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew!


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