Demonstration of DVC Rental Points Savings

Bay Lake Tower Exterior

Bay Lake Tower Exterior

Many Disney vacationers love to stay in the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) properties, though they are not DVC owners themselves.  DVC properties include resorts such as Old Key West, Animal Kingdom Villas and Bay Lake Tower.  What can you do to reduce the costs of staying in these beautiful resorts?  Here is a great idea:

Renting Points

According to the point calculator at David’s Vacation Club Rentals, a family of 4 wanting to stay in a 1 bedroom vacation home overlooking the Savannah during the week of June 11-16 would require 38 points per day or a total of 196 points.

The total cost for these accommodations when renting from David’s Vacation Club Rentals is $2,548.

Renting Direct from Disney

A review of for room rates was done for the exact dates and accommodations.  When reviewing, the rate was listed at $3,786.

The Difference

The monetary savings if $1,236!  That is probably enough to purchase theme park tickets for  your entire family during their vacation as discussed here where you will see that the cost of a 5 day non-hopping, expiring Disney theme park tickets is around $250 per person.  If you are a family of 4, you will still have leftover savings for food or souvenirs!

Another difference you may feel is the reputations and name recognitions of Disney versus David’s Vacation Club Rentals.  For instance, when renting direct from Disney, you can book the accommodations online from a company you may have done business with in the past.  However, you may not be as familiar with David’s Vacation Club Rentals.  You should know, this company has been in business for many, many years renting out DVC points to those in need.  The company is also rated 100% in guest satisfaction!

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