Disney College Program Check In – Day 1

So you have made it to Orlando, now the next step is check in. Check in starts at 8 a.m. but I have heard that they start even earlier. Check in is a very simple process. When you go to Vista Way, this is where check in is at incase you didn’t know, there will be signs everywhere welcoming you to the Disney College Program. Disney  provides a place for your parents and or whoever else you are with to go and hangout while you get everything squared away. Once you get to the check in area you will most likely see a line with a bunch of your fellow DCPer’s. In this line you will receive your program guide, this booklet is super vital to your first couple of days! Once you receive your booklet you will continue in the line and fill out some super easy paperwork and then you will pick what apartment you would like to live in.

I picked Patterson because it was the newest and my cousin was living in that one! On the other hand I had one of the most expensive apartments in the DCP. I picked a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment, this ran me $95 a week.Your other choices for apartments are Chatham and obviously Vista Way. I do not know the rates for these but I do know they are under $95 a week and Vista Way is the cheapest apartment. Once you get your apartment key you will then get your picture taken for your housing I.D.. The background for mine and my cousins was a light blue, so you might not wanna wear that color, unlike me, whoops.

After you get your housing I.D. then if you brought your car you will get your decal. If you brought your car you will need proof of insurance with YOUR name on it, just call your insurance company and they should be able to put your name on it, ours did it for free, and you will also need your registration and your drivers license.

After you handle your car information you will move on to a table where you will talk with a Disney College Program representative and they will tell you how to get to your apartment and that you have to meet at the bus stop at Vista or Chatham at a certain time, I believe it will be around 12 or 1. Once you get to the bus stop you are on your way to Casting!


Okay, so now you are at the Chatham/Vista Way bus stop. What in the world is going to happen next, you are thinking. Well let me put your worries to ease. The Casting process is super easy!

First, you will board the bus, which will take you to Casting. While on your way to Casting you will talk with a DCP representative. He/she will tell you about some cool discounts and point out some interesting things to do while on the DCP. There is one really cool perk that involves Planet Hollywood and your Disney I.D., but i’ll let you guys figure it out when the time comes!

Next, when you arrive at Casting you will be told to meet back at the bus when you are done with everything inside. If you happen to run behind, its okay there is a bus that runs every 15 minutes to pick up cast members. On your way inside make sure to observe the door handles, they are the Alice in Wonderland door handles! You will also notice that the shape of the building is a bridge. Its part of the “Bridging people from the normal world into the Disney world.” Inside you will all line up down a long ramp, one of the longest indoor ramps in the world, and there you will receive a sticker that will go on the back of your program guide. This sticker will tell you your role, if you did not know it already. Along with your role, the sticker will contain a number, the last 2 numbers are how you are divided into groups at traditions. So if you find some one with “90″ you 2 will be together. Oh and just FYI be prepared to stand in line!

Now, comes all the paperwork and the new information. During this time you will turn in your On Boarding paperwork. You will also receive your Disney Visa card, all your paychecks go straight to this card, but you can also get it changed to your own card if you would like. Along with the card, you will also get finger printed, make copies of your I.D.’s, for example, Drivers license, SS card, passport, or birth certificate. You will also meet with your future managers , meet with a Disney Look representative to make sure you are currently in Disney Look, if you are not you will be asked to fix anything that is keeping you from being in Disney Look by the time you go to Traditions.

Last, on your way out of the building, you will get your picture taken in front of a Disney background! Then it is on your way to the buses and back to Vista Way, Chatham, or Patterson to finally relax for the rest of the day and then the following day to unpack. Then the day after is Traditions!

3 comments for “Disney College Program Check In – Day 1

  1. Joan M Doyle
    November 10, 2011 at 10:56 am

    This is so cool – Glad you are posting. I always wondered what went on behind the scens of DCP!

  2. Clyde B
    November 22, 2011 at 4:57 am

    Really good always wondered could ypu tell us more about traditions class or anything you think we would enjoy. Thanks really enjoyed it

    • November 22, 2011 at 9:14 am

      Well thank you, Im so glad you enjoy it! Yes I will have a Traditions post up this week for Meet the Magic!

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