D23 Expo – Star Wars at Disney Parks

As you all definitely know, this weekend is very special for Disney fans all over the world. Friday, the D23 Expo kicked off in Anaheim and it brought a lot of information, that need processing :).

One of the interesting ones is that there will be some Star Wars theme in the parks:

  • The PeopleMover will return to Disneyland, converted into a Star Wars Speeder Run
  • Captain EO will be transformed into a 3D preview for the next Star Wars movie
  • A Star Wars Cantina themed bar and restaurant will be put at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Tomorrowlands in both parks will be getting a Star Wars skin

New attractions:

Project Orange Harvest“: A R2D2 is rolling around the floor, while a visitor took a picture. It seem in the box are the “top-secret” plans of Walt Disney’s Star Wars Land. Could it be? Would you like to see a Star Wars Land at Disney?


Then there is the desk of an Imagineer working on Disney’s Animal Kindgom’s Avatar Land. Lying around is even the backpack of mentioned Imagineer.


Here you have a quick video tour of Disney Parks Pavilion:


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She lives in Germany, got engaged at Disneyland Paris, got married at a somewhat Disney-themed wedding and honeymooned in the USA with two days in Disneyland Resort Anaheim. As newest member of Meetthemagic.com, Klaudia is really excited to write about the one thing she loves most in life (besides her newly wedded husband ;)) and hopes to give you some really useful advice about your future Disney vacations.

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