Create your own MagicBand Names

If you are staying on Disney Property, you can customize a MagicBand to your likings and have it shipped directly to your home for all guests in the party.  Days before you arrive for your Disney vacation, you will receive an email requesting that you take the time to create your MagicBand.

To begin, you are able to select from one of 8 solid colors—pink, green, red, purple, orange, yellow, blue and gray.  Once you have selected your color for each person in your party, you can then create your own name for the MagicBand.  When you first review the “Personalize With A Name”, you will see your own name listed.  However, you can replace that with any name you would prefer (you can enter up to 9 characters, including letters, numbers and spaces) and it will show up along the inside of the band.


MagicBand Selection

When you enter the information, feel free to be creative with any name.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Here are some clever names: WickedOne, Evil One, Happy, Dopey, etc. JediIAm
  • Use your nickname that you prefer.
  • Add in your favorite princess or prince’s name.
  • Use the Star Wars Name Generator here:
  • Event specific names such as HpyBthd, HpyAnniv8, etc.

The point is, make it fun and unique to you and your party.  Remember, when creating our names that not only you will know the personalized name, but it will be written inside your band and shows up on a computer screen the Cast Members view when you scan your band at the Disney parks.  Be sure to leave a comment here with all the clever names you have used for your MagicBand!

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