Create a Hidden Mickey with your Existing Pandora Beads

Pandora Necklace - Hidden Mickey

Along Main Street USA, you can find a Pandora store tucked in the back of the Uptown Jewelry.  The entire store is dedicated to Pandora items for sale.  If you are a Pandora fan, you certainly should stop in the store even if you want to simply look at the items that they have for sale.  They always have new and different ways to display the beads.

On this last visit to the Pandora store on Main Street, I spotted this Hidden Mickey necklace which was created by two silver beads and one floating locket or other similar pendant.

The Disney Store online sells many beads and pendant that will work to create your own Hidden Mickey necklace!  The best part is that you can create this necklace when you are headed to the Disney parks or wear them separately!

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