Great Ideas for Keeping Your Items Dry while in Disney

The hot months of the year are finally here and many people will be visiting Disney’s famed water attractions. Or, you may be vacationing in Disney during a rainy week (or day… most days are rainy at some point). If you find that your days in Disney do include a wet outcome, you need to first plan out how you will keep your items dry that should stay dry throughout the day, i.e. cellphones, cameras, etc.

So, to help you out with getting everything packed for your day, consider packing these items:

  • Ziploc Bags – These are quick and easy to grab as you are packing.  You can many of your belongings in one bag without too much worry that they will get wet.
  • Waterproof Bag – If you are a cellphone fanatic, you may want to invest in a waterproof bag for your cellphone.  These bags are much more durable than a ziploc bag.  Here is one that is only $2.99!

Everydaysource Compatible With Cell Phone / PDA Universal Waterproof Bag Case, Black – $2.99

  • Poncho – If you have ever been in Disney during one of their downpours, you know the value of a poncho!  Disney sells them for close to $10 in the parks and somehow when it rains, they are suddenly available in abundance in all of the gift shops.  If you plan on purchasing and bringing your own ponchos for you vacation, you will certainly save!
Product Details

4 Pack Emergency Poncho – $4.99

  • Stroller covers – If your little one is in a stroller and it begins to rain, a weather shield will be great so you can continue to get through the parks while your child remains (fairly) dry.  Here are a wide variety of available shields to fit many strollers.
  • If all else fails – If you do not plan on rain properly, head in to any of Disney’s gift shops and request a bag.  Usually they will give you a bag, no questions asked.  I admit, I have even used them as rain coats on water attractions!

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