Comparison of the Costs of all Universal Passholder Ticket Prices

Universal Orlando offers a wide variety of tickets for the Passholder.  The varying types include the Seasonal, Power, Preferred and Premier.  Each of the Passholder ticket types have their own benefits that include discounts and available days for visiting the parks.  When you are thinking of purchasing or renewing an Annual Pass, you will need to consider the following:

  • How many parks you want to have the ability to visit.  If you think you are going to visit Volcano Bay, you will need a 3 park ticket.  If you do not intend on visiting the water park, then you will only need a 2 park ticket.
  • What days will you be visiting the parks.  Certain passes have black out dates.  So, if you are going to be visiting during that time frame, you will need to be sure to purchase the pass that will work for your dates of visiting the park.
  • Parking costs. If you do not want to pay for parking each time you head to the park, you need to purchase a pass that offers the free parking.
  • The need for discounts on food and merchandise.  If you want to enjoy discounts on dining and merchandise, be sure to purchase a pass that will allow for such discounts.

To see all of the benefits, click here to see the chart of the comparison of each pass.

The complete costs for each of the passes are listed below (before tax is applied).  The top portion shows the costs for the 2 park (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures) Annual Pass, while the bottom includes the 3 park (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures and Volcano Bay) Annual Pass.  First-Time refers to the first year price for the Annual Pass while the Renewal is the price offered by Universal in the years to follow ownership of the Annual Pass.  If you are a Florida Resident, you receive a slight discount and can be seen below as “FL” while the prices for non-Florida Residents are shown as “Non-FL” below:


Annual Cost before Tax
    Seasonal    Power   Preferred   Premier
2 Parks
First-Time Non-FL $284.99 $344.99 $384.99 $539.99
First-Time FL $259.99 $319.99 $349.99 $489.99
Renewal Non-FL $227.99 $275.99 $307.99 $431.99
Renewal FL $207.99 $255.99 $279.99 $391.99
3 Parks 
First-Time Non-FL $383.99 $443.99 $483.99 $688.99
First-Time FL $358.99 $418.99 $448.99 $638.99
Renewal Non-FL $307.19 $355.19 $387.19 $551.19
Renewal FL $287.19 $335.19 $359.19 $511.19

This information should assist you in making the right selection for your Annual Pass.  If you instead choose to purchase a ticket and not an Annual Pass, great discounts for the tickets are offered at Undercover Tourist here.

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