Ways to Commemorate Your Disney Vacation

I knew when I had my son that I would be taking him to Disney World as often as possible. I also knew that I wanted to somehow commemorate his growth in a memorable way, one that was personal to me.  I thought about a number of ideas, then decided on photographs.  While I took plenty of these around the parks, I wanted to attempt to capture my son in one location during several trips throughout his life.  Being a true nostalgist, I decided that Main Street USA had to be the place for these photographs.


Now, let me remind you, this was my idea and not my sons idea of mad fun.  So, you can tell that he is less than thrilled in a few of these photos!  Here is one where he was primarily interested in his blanket instead of photo.  With him being so small, he really was not sure how to smile.  All the same, I think it is pretty good and reminds me of how we later that day lost his blanket!  (But thanks to Disney’s lost and found, it was later mailed to us!)

Committed to this project, I took as many photos as were allowed by my son who really did not want to participate.  So, really this only seemed to amount to about three photos per trip.  Here is one that I took from a different location there on Main Street that is better.

Since I do like this one better, I believe that in my upcoming trip to Magic Kingdom, I will attempt to get a similar photo to this one with the exact background.  I believe that it will make a better souvenir than the ones sold in Disney World and will get better with time, as more photos are added to the collage!

I would love to hear how you commemorate your trips to Disney!  Please leave your comments below!

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