Christmas Card Photos in Disney World and Disneyland

Hollywood Studios Osbourne Spectacle of Lights Holiday Card Photo

Osbourne Spectacle of Lights Holiday Card Photo

A visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland is always a momentous occasion.  And what better time to take a family photo for your holiday cards than during your vacation to Disney!  Guests are invited to use the photopass photographers for taking photos in front of a Castle, with a beautiful holiday backdrop or with Characters dresses for the holidays.  If you have brought your own camera, you can request that the photopass photographers use your camera to take your photo.  These photographers often take the time to take a photo that is great, even though Disney does not directly profit from them taking your photo.

With so many photo opportunities, be sure to take several photos in a variety of different locations.  Not only will this help you find a photo that is complimentary to all those being photographed, but it will also help you find a photo that matches your holiday cards.

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