Character Meeting with Disney Princesses in Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater

Hidden within Town Square Theater is a great spot for meeting several of your favorite Disney princesses!  The Town Square Theater is located to the right immediately after you enter Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  The Theater was refurbished from its day as an actual theater to now include a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, as well as Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

As you enter the Town Square Theater, guests make a decision on the characters they are interested in meeting, either Mickey and Minnie or the Princesses.  Once in line for your characters of choice, you wait in queue for your chance for the meet and greet.  If you hope to gain signatures of the characters, be sure to read the various tips for the best character meet and greet experience.

Once within, guests get to spend a few minutes time with each of the three Princesses.  I am not sure what Sleeping Beauty discussed with my son, but he certainly was blushing quite a bit during their visit!  See here, she has quite a hold on him!


  • The best time to visit this attraction is during the parades or fireworks.  The queues are extremely short!
  • If visiting during the parade or fireworks is not an option, Fastpasses are available for use here.

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