Celebrating 40 Years Today, Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

One of the greatest shows in the Disney World parks is the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue.  To help them celebrate, learn the details of this very entertaining show:
Name of Restaurant:

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

Hoop De Doo Musical Revue Napkin Dance

Hoop De Doo Musical Revue Napkin Dance


Fort Wilderness Campground in Pioneer Hall

  • Travel by car – drive to the Fort Wilderness Reception Outpost and park. From there, take the internal bus to Settlement.
  • Travel without a car – take Disney bus transportation to Fort Wilderness. Or take the water shuttle from the Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness, then walk the short distance to Pioneer Hall.

Allow at least 90 minutes for travel time!


Table Service – Dinner Show (2 Dining Plan Credits)


This restaurant is a dinner show that uses great food and Impeccable comedic timing to be one of the longest running show in Walt Disney World. The show includes a variety of characters and personalities. The cast changes night per night so one show may include a stronger cast of actors than the last leading to a better show experience one night over another.

The food is brought out to the table in courses. The first course includes corn bread and salad which is enjoyed by the guests during the first few numbers of the show. Just as you get the feel for the production and the fun it holds, you receive your main course with a thud as they drop the metal buckets of chicken on your metal plates. If you are unaware, it can really startle you as the waiter plops the bucket down in front of someone at the table with a quick force and ringing sound!

With the main course delivered, guests are given some time to enjoy their chicken and ribs before the cast returns to offer up some more entertainment. This middle course of numbers is much more subdued than the first round of performances.

After you have been given sufficient time to eat loads of chicken and cowboy beans, dessert is delivered by your dancing waiter. While eating dessert, several guests in the audience are requested onstage to help with the final song of the dinner show. The numbers performed during this final segment are quite hilarious! (Unless you hate corny, funny songs, in which case you will hardly be able to BEAR the lyrics!).

Personal Story:

This show has long since been my very favorite. I grew up hating corny jokes. However, seeing this show, I realized I actually do love corny jokes. In fact, I leave and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much!


The cost of a show ranges from $51-$60 for adults and $26-$31 for children (ages 3-9) to include tax and gratuity. Details of the “seating categories”:

Category 1 is on the first floor level with your table nearest the stage and toward the middle of the room.
Category 2 is also on the first floor but behind the Category 1 tables. It’s also on the upper level but in the center of the balcony.
Category 3 tables are located upstairs on the sides of the balcony.

Be sure to use your Tables in Wonderland card or your Disney Dining plan (2 credits) to be able to afford this entertaining show.

Menu Here

Be sure to visit this show the next time you are in the Disney World area!

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